Scam Yingling – Send Sam Yingling Packing

Liberty Principles PAC shares with our community. The only taxes Sam has cut in these six years are his own. He has 2 to 3 times the size home and property of all the 488 properties on all five of the lakes in our district and pays the lowest taxes then every single home owner on them. Unbelievable. Sam hides behind his boy scout disguise. 100’s of thousands of dollars in ads and his yard signs saying he is the tax cutter. Spend all the money you want Sam. You ACTUALLY have to cut our taxes to be a tax cutter. At least you have benefited from your political relationships and this position. Great…now we get to pay your half.

If your tired of of local politicians taking advantage of the system for themselves and lying to those they represent…VOTE IDSTEIN on NOV 6th.