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Below is a list of elected and appointed officials,both current (C) and past (P).
All have endorsed Ken Idstein as the most qualified candidate to defeat
Sam Yingling and represent District 62 in Springfield.

  • Joe Walsh, Congressman (P)
  • Bob Churchill, State Rep and House Majority Leader (P)
  • Joanne Osmond, State Rep & Assistant Minority Leader (P)
  • Willard Helander, Lake County Clerk (P)
  • Barbara Richardson, Lake County Coroner (P)
  • Rhett Taylor, Village of Grayslake Mayor (C)
  • Tim Perry, Village of Grayslake Mayor (P)
  • Dan MacGillis, Village of Round Lake Mayor (C)
  • Rich Hill, Village of Round Lake Beach Mayor (C)
  • Dan Venturi, Lake Villa Township Supervisor (C)
  • Pete Tekempe, Freemont Township Supervisor (P)
  • Sue Simpson, Warren Township Supervisor (C)
  • Beth Davies, Village of Grayslake Trustee (C)
  • Kevin D. Waldenstrom, Village of Grayslake Trustee (C)
  • Adam Shores, Village of Grayslake Trustee (C)
  • Shawn Vogel, Village of Grayslake Trustee (C)
  • Paul Yingling, Uncle of Current Incumbent
  • Richard A. Anderson, Chairman CLC Board of Directors (C)
  • Barb Oilschlager, CLC Board of Directors (C)
  • Shirley Christian, Avon Township Supervisor (P)
  • Dawn Abernathy, Village of Mundelein Trustee (C)
  • Ray Semple, Village of Mundelein Trustee (C)
  • Chuck Husk, Village of Round Lake Beach Trustee (C)
  • Greg Koeppen, Commissioner Grayslake Fire Department (C)
  • Peter Karlovics, Precinct 294 Warren Township Committeeman (C)
  • Douglas Rockenbach, Local Businessman
  • Griff Winters, Grayslake Podiatrist
  • Richard Ross, Village of Grayslake Planning and Zoning Commission (C)
  • Hal Nachenberg, Village of Grayslake Planning and Zoning Commission (C)
  • Jeffrey Lee, Lake Villa Township Assessor (C)
  • The Illinois Family Action
  • The Illinois Federation for Right to Life
  • The Lake County Right to Life