My Goals

In springfield i will work with both sides of the aisle to:

1. Roll Back the Recent 32% Income Tax Increase

Lake County families will pay an additional $443 million in state income taxes. Tax payers in every community are feeling the pain. In Grayslake, the average taxpayer will pay an additional $882 per year. In Gurnee, that figure is $950 per year and in Gages Lake that figure is $883 per year.

 Ken plans to address these tax burdens in Springfield by cutting spending. We must eliminate the out of control spending by our State Legislature. The Illinois Constitution states that the legislature MUST pass a balanced budget each year and we have not had a balanced budget since 2001. 

2. Consolidate Duplicative Units of Government

Illinois serves roughly 1,800 constituents per governing body. Florida, on the other hand, serves over 11,300 constituents per governing body. Clearly, there is room for consolidation of governing bodies in illinois to make our State more effective and efficient.

3. Find New Solutions to Fund Schools in Order to Reduce Our Growing Property Taxes

According to the Illinois State Board of Education, Illinois has 852 separate school districts. 34% of those school districts serve 600 students or less. This is part of the reason why our state is in such financial pain. More school districts means more administrative salaries and pension costs. Florida, on the other hand, has only 76 school districts. Even Pennsylvania, has only 499 school districts. That leaves Illinois tax payers on the hook for 353 more administrative salaries and pension costs than comparable states. (We are not talking about consolidating schools or teachers, ONLY consolidating the number of school districts and duplicative administration staff) 

This is just one example of where costs can be cut to save money for our State and ultimately lower the tax burden on our hard-working constituents and their families.

Together Change is Possible. Together, We Will Win this Election and Truly Make a Change in Illinois

Please share your ideas with me at to help us reach these goals together. 

Please remember to vote for Ken Idstein for State Representative District 62 on March 20th!