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Property Taxes

The property tax freeze bill that passed the Illinois House was really another Springfield political game to provide cover for our elected representatives.  Soon our State Representative will look for the proverbial pat-on-the-back because he’s been telling us he’d do something about our taxes.  There are two snags with this ‘victory lap’, however:
First, the bill didn’t address the fundamental problems causing the property tax rates (consolidation of local government administration, reducing redundant school districts; and reforms to pensions and workers compensation).
Second, it was never called for a vote on the Senate floor because Madigan won’t let it happen of which Yingling voted to be in place. Have you had enough with the progress our 62nd state representative has made with one of the state’s most important financial issues? VOTE IDSTEIN NOV 6th.

Local and State Government

Illinoisans suffer from the second-highest property tax rates in the nation.

Their state is the third most corrupt in the nation.

And driving this expensive and corrupt reality on the local level is the fact that Illinois has more units of local government than any other state in the nation. With 6,963 units of local government, Illinois beats its nearest competitor by more than 1,800.

Florida, which is larger than Illinois, has far fewer units of local government, with just 1,650. And Illinois has more layers of general-purpose local government than any other state in the country. Sixty one percent of the state’s residents live under three layers of general-purpose local government (municipal, township or county governments); in 40 other states, residents never have more than two layers.

This doesn’t include special districts, such as libraries, parks, forest preserve, fire protection, sanitation, transportation and even mosquito abatement districts. In fact, in some areas of Illinois, citizens have up to 16 different local government agencies operating in their area. I want to reduce and consolidate these unnecessary units of government saving our area many needed funds that could then help to reduce our debt and fund our schools.

Prexsisting Conditions, Women’s health

I am a male breast cancer survivor and my wife Ania has a pacemaker. I’m blessed to be a survivor, but I must stay vigilant with my health and regular screenings. With annual exams and oncology visits, I empathize with the need for ALL, including women to maintain regular screenings to maintain health. Both my parents, of whom I’m the primary care giver outside of the home, are over 90 years old and have many medical needs. I understand the need for our state to protect ALL with preexisting conditions. I would strive to maintain those in every way possible.

Fair Maps

This election is critical. Illinois will redraw our voting maps in this next cycle. Currently the Democrats have control of each of our areas making them weighted to one side. I will stand for fair and balanced map creation allowing our true voices to be heard whatever they may be. The current district mapping of Illinois does not serve the public, it serves our stuck, self-serving state government. Have you had enough with one party and one-person power in Illinois? VOTE KEN IDSTEIN NOV 6th.

Leadership Position Term Limits

Limiting the time an elected representative can hold a leadership position inside the organism of government will encourage higher standards of output and progress in Springfield and move its culture away from holding power and back to the business of governing. Have you had enough with leaders remain in power for decades at our expense? VOTE KEN IDSTEIN NOV 6th.

Budgets, Spending, Income Taxes

Why do we have to pay more out of our pocket without the mandate of reduced spending? It’s simple math and we do it in our own homes every day. We don’t have it. We don’t spend it. Have you had enough with how the state worked without a budget only to pass a tax increase to take more of the money we use to save and provide for our families? Have you had enough with those people not being held accountable and then they come after our homes to cover their loss by raising our property taxes? I will work to reduce spending while maintaining core services.

Servant Leadership

I have been serving this community behind the scenes for close to 20 years. First with my mortgage business helping people every day get into homes. Second, by working with the homeless as a PADS volunteer for over 15 years. Third, by working on our Grayslake planning and zoning commission for 14 years as well as building relationships with our local business leaders in the Chamber of commerce since 1985. I know our area, I knows our people, I knows our problems and I’m your neighbor. This entire election I’ve used local business to highlight what I do best as well as help bring money back to our area. I’ve given quietly behind the scenes for years and now I want to take that spirit and model to Springfield. I’m not looking to become a career politician but to serve our people.

Pension Reform

My wife is a union public school teacher and I understand and value the need for talented people teaching our children as much as sensible pension reform to help our state. A pension is supposed to be a guarantee you will never be poor and not the opportunity to be rich.  My focus will be to develop new streams of revenue and sustainable practices that will allow our school systems to run more efficiently.  I will work to consolidate administrative district units. Our current pension system is unsustainable and leaving our homes as hostage. I will NOT cut our teachers, our classroom supplies or short cut our children. Have you had enough with the way Springfield stewards our tax dollars? We can do better. Please VOTE KEN IDSTEIN ON NOV 6th.


I will work to get 53 through to our area bringing the new business and revenue streams to help offset our expenses, while focusing on maintaining all our beautiful open spaces and preserves. I will also be proactive putting a focus on the watershed issues our area will be facing in the future via the Foxconn water displacement issues that will negatively affect our area. I will look to find new solutions to manage our flood issues in this area.  

Senior Care

Both of my parents are over 90 years old and I have an incredibly supportive family, but I live a few miles away from my Mom and Dad and have become their primary caregiver out of the home. I have helped to manage their housing, healthcare, social and emotional care for nearly 15 years. I understand the need for affordable prescription drugs, reliable transportation, affordable property taxes, the need for affordable and effective health insurance. I will work to protect all of those for our families.