How does Madigan stay in power?

The families lost their independent voice in Sam Yingling the second he received a dollar from Mike Madigan. You can’t say your independent and take money from Madigan. You are WITH Madigan. Yingling has now taken almost $1.8 million from Madigan. How can he be fighting for us when he reelects Madigan as Speaker each time and we are stuck with some of the highest property taxes in the nation?

I am the only candidate in this race who is truly independent, not taking money from the Rauner group or the Madigan group. I’m going to Springfield to represent you. I am not going down there to collect a paycheck and become a career politician. That is the Madigan model for governance and unfortunately, Sam Yingling fits that same mold. It’s time our district had a representative who speaks for them and is fighting to save our homes.

WATCH HERE to see how Yingling and Madigan keep power at the expense of our homes.