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We Celebrate TRUE Values and Change

In this current environment we hear the same things over and over. I’m not a career politician. I have lived in this community for 62 years and grown a wonderful family and business. All of our property taxes are out of control. Our homes are being held “hostage”.  It’s the number one investment in our lives beyond our families and I have had enough. I am creating space in my life to stand up for what is right. To defend our homes and our communities. I look forward to going down to Springfield and building relationships with everyone I meet and push our agenda of what’s right for our community and families. I have been serving this community in one way or another for 20 years. Now its time for me to take my local experience down to represent us. I ask for your vote in November.

See Ken’s Endorsements
See Ken’s Endorsements


Please hear Mike share how he realized what really took him about this race. Mike stopped in the office a few weeks ago looking to help. He said he had never done anything like this and we think his story is special. We hope you will too. Get out to vote and elect Ken Idstein on November 6th.


Save Your Home: Hard Property Tax Cap

More Money in Your Pocket: Repeal the 32% Income Tax Hike

Respects You: End Government’s Corrupt Culture

Represents Your Values: Prioritize Spending on Core Services

Independent Candidate Who Will Not Take any  Money From Rauner or Madigan

 As a male breast cancer survivor and a husband of a pace maker patient, Ken is for the support of regular health
screenings for both men and women as well as an advocate for the protection of pre-existing conditions.

Is for the 53 extension bringing vital new revenue to our area to offset our property tax burdens and for the protection of our homes.

Is the one of the primary care givers of both his 90+ year old parents and is an advocate for senior care, transportation issues,
property tax relief and the revitalization of our Medicaid programs.

Is an advocate for local flood issues and will be vigilant in watching Foxconn progression as it pertains to water runoff for our areas.

How does Madigan stay in power?

October 23rd, 2018|

The families lost their independent voice in Sam Yingling the second he received a dollar from Mike Madigan. You can’t say your independent and take money from Madigan. You are WITH Madigan. Yingling

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